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Hesiod s View Of The Gods - 3056 Words

Western Civilization Student’s name Professor’s name Course Title Date submitted When Poets Ruled the World from Hesiod, Archilochus, Pindar, and Solon 1. Is Hesiod’s view of the gods different or similar to Homer’s? There are big differences between two ancient representatives of the Greek literature. If Homer is a legendary figure from the beginning to the end, Hesiod is real. Respect for the gods, love and respect for parents, homeland defense are the commandments of the Greeks, as reproduced in the Homeric poems. The appearance of the gods is portrayed contradictory. Homeric gods are completely humanoid (anthropomorphic), although some of them may become different animals. They are corporeal, and can even be hurt,†¦show more content†¦Hesiod’s gods lost their carelessness and gaiety of the Homeric gods, became the moral forces, severe guardians of order and justice, born of Zeus. The role of gods according to Hesiod belongs not only the Olympian gods with human form, like Zeus or Apollo, but the Earth, Sky, Star, Wind, Fight, Lies, Victory, Wisdom, violence, etc. Zeus as for Hesiod is not just carrier of the power, as Uranus and Kronus, but also the embodiment of a long-awaite d order, keeper and guardian of ethics. The desire to have a better life and a constant feeling of dissatisfaction are natural for people, and the gods tend, on the contrary, to complicate people’s lives and create new difficulties. Thus, the Hesiod’s style of poetry is close to Homer’s one, but because of the general didactic orientation Hesiod’s poetry is almost out of bright Homeric metaphors, similes and epithets. 2. What are some of the essential features of Hesiod’s view of the appropriate way to live and how does it differ from Homer’s depiction of the heroic life? Hesiod after the slave system, on the one hand, is poor, on the other – his ideals related to enrichment in the old and new sense. His assessment of life is full of pessimism, but at the same time of labor optimism and hope that a happy life comes through constant activity. First of all, the nature for him is a source of benefits, but Hesiod is a big fan of its beauty.

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The Empirical Solar Radiation Prediction Models Essay

Literature Review 2.1 Empirical Solar Radiation Prediction Models Solar radiation estimation models were developed using meteorological parameters and site geographical locations. These meteorological factors have a major influence on the outcome of solar radiation intensity that reaches the earth’s surface [11-14]. In addition, most models were developed with well-maintained recorded data provided by weather stations. For these reasons, earlier studies correlating solar radiation to meteorological parameters were conducted by Angstrom in 1924. In his research, a simple numerical technique correlating solar radiation to sunshine hours was developed. Equation (1) represents the modified form of Angstrom model by Prescott as [15]; H_i/H_o =a+bS (1) where by H_o is the global solar radiation on a clear day, H represents final solar radiation outcome, a and b are regression coefficients and S equals number of sunshine hours in a day. Since then, numerous models and numerical techniques have been developed using meteorological parameters together with the sites geographical locations in developing solar radiation models. Most of these models fall into three categories [16]; Stochastic Algorithm Satellite Derived Empirical Technique Correspondingly, several methods were used to estimate solar radiation intensity [17]. The development of models using empirical relationships has gain wider spectrum of applicability because of its simplicity and convenient use of variablesShow MoreRelatedBootstrap Approach On Data Sampling Essay1445 Words   |  6 Pagestest to compare the two normal distribution will provide a certain mean value with a certain confidence limit and probability. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Background Several work from literature on solar radiation prediction have demonstrated that ANN is highly accurate in predicting global radiation [22, 26, 34-40]. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a computer software program developed to depict how a human brain normally process information. ANN are designed using mathematical algorithms andRead MoreResearch Project On Global Solar Radiation1931 Words   |  8 Pagesstudy were made but no respond. Hence, developed forecast models data base to put together the data needed for the study. 1.1 Data Source and Sorting Meteorological parameter data for four regional towns in PNG were collected for this study. In addition, geographical locations and each sites geometrical standard parameters were calculated using formulas used by [43] in developing empirical solar radiation prediction models. Global solar radiation (GRS) data were obtained from National Aeronautics andRead MoreClimate Change Is Caused By Human Activities1617 Words   |  7 Pageshuman activities are causing far more detrimental consequences to the Earth that may lead to serious damage if action is not taken. Evidence of this is plentiful and can be found is numerous studies of past climates, empirical data of the current climate, and scientific predictions of potential future climates. It is important to recognize what is, and what causes, climate change. Throughout Earth’s extensive history the climate has naturally fluctuated. While this is true, the majority of scientistsRead MoreThe Physics Of Satellites Orbiting Earth2079 Words   |  9 Pagesatmospheric density is not constant and changes with solar activity. The solar magnetic activity cycle is the periodic change in the sun s activity that lasts around 11 years. During solar maximum, solar flares and coronal mass injections become frequent. Solar flares and coronal mass injections release radiation which is absorbed into Earth’s atmosphere. The absorbed radiation contains energy that heats the atmosphere, and it expands. During solar minimum, on average, a satellite would have to maneuverRead MoreAbsorption Spectrum Of Conjugated Dyes1574 Words   |  7 Pagesefficient solar cells. In this experiment, the maximum wavelength was measured for nine dyes using a UV-Vis spectrum. The result tha t were obtained agreed with Kuhn’s model for the less polarizable end groups such as 3,3 -diethyloxadicarbocyanine and 3,3 -diethyloxatricarbocyanine. That suggested that these two compounds were not as easy to polarize compared to the rest of the dyes. The rest of the dyes required the use of the empirical parameter ÃŽ ± to provide more reliable predictions of the wavelengthsRead MoreThe Effects Of Sea Ice On The Earths Climate System1686 Words   |  7 Pagesnature of sea ice stems from its physical, rheological, morphological, thermodynamic, and hydrodynamic properties that vary with prevailing environmental conditions. This makes sea ice as one of the most complex geophysical substances for making predictions of its behavior. Sea ice also grows vertically undersea (called keel growth), which represents as a major hazard for under ice navigation/operation of automated underwater vehicles and is dangerous for scuba diving. Keels that extend up to the oceanRead MoreThe Effe cts Of Droughts On Natural Disasters Essay1965 Words   |  8 Pagesas the potential damages from these events increasing are of great concern. Drought is the focus for this essay and the effects of climate change on this hazard will be discussed for potential future scenarios, with support from theoretical and empirical evidence to the projected effects this hazard may have. Drought here is defined as ‘a period when a region receives significant deficiency in its water supply, generally seen as a consistency of below average precipitation’ (Abbott, 2009) thoughRead MorePlasma-the 4th State of Matter10365 Words   |  42 PagesFusion Fusion Reactors 3.1 The Lawson’s Criterion 3.2 Magnetic Field Confinement 3.3 Inertial Confinement 4. TFTR Its Contributions to Engineering 4.1 Transport 4.2 Fusion Power Production 4.3 Alpha-Particles Physics 5. Plasma Space 5.1 Solar Prominences 5.2 Plasma Rockets 6. Conclusion 7. References Table of Variables Constants: ÃŽ µ0 Permittivity of free space k Coulomb Constant, 9Ãâ€"109 N m2 C-2 ï  ¨ Efficiency Ï„ Confinement time ω Angular frequency v Velocity q Charge m Mass Read More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pages 4 Numerical Methods for Describing Data 4.1 Describing the Center of a Data Set 148 4.2 Describing Variability in a Data Set 159 4.3 Summarizing a Data Set: Boxplots 169 147 4.4 Interpreting Center and Variability: Chebyshev’s Rule, the Empirical Rule, and z Scores 176 4.5 Interpreting and Communicating the Results of Statistical Analyses 186 Activity 4.1 Collecting and Summarizing Numerical Data 190 Activity 4.2 Airline Passenger Weights 190 Activity 4.3 Boxplot Shapes 190 Graphing CalculatorRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases35655 Words   |  143 PagesMethod TheScientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurableevidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.Scientific researchers propose hypotheses

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Uncertain Reconciliation between Indigenous and...

Reconciliation between Aboriginal People and Non-Aboriginal people to some extent is important towards Australia’s future. Given the past injustices involving land rights, the stolen generation and Government Policies, it illustrates that Australia has some way to go ahead of the full reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians and that without reconciliation our future is uncertain. The Aboriginals were denied their land rights when European settlement occurred in Australia. As the Aboriginals were nomadic, the land that they lived on and moved around on soon became occupied by the Europeans. This disenabled the Aboriginals to sustain their ceremonial and cultural links with the land. Efforts to win Indigenous land†¦show more content†¦After white settlement, thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their families and homes and placed in state institutions. Between 1910 and 1970 up to 100,000 half casts, children of a mixed Aboriginal and European descent, were removed from their families by police or welfare officers. The government of the time believed that the half cast children were better off learning the European way of life rather that growing up in the bush as native Aborigines. The children received little education, very poor food and some suffered sexual abuse. Their families knew nothing about their children’s whereab outs after they were taken and contact with them was forbidden. This policy ended around 1970. In an effort to mend the damage done by this policy a national inquiry was set up in 1995 called â€Å"Bringing them Home†. It involved deep research into the stolen generation, and launched legal actions against the government whom denied the claims. Aborigines were not considered as part of the Australian community and were deprived of their rights in everyday activities. Continuing into the 1960’s Aboriginals were denied their basic rights. They were not allowed to raise their own children, had no access to education, they didn’t receive award wages, they weren’t allowed to marry without permission, they weren’t allowed to eat in restaurants, enter a pub or swim in a publicShow MoreRelatedThe reconciliation of the Indigenous, has played a significant part in the history of Australia and600 Words   |  3 PagesThe reconciliation of the Indigenous, has played a significant part in the history of Australia and the lives of many Indigenous Australian’s including Eddie Mabo. Eddie Mabo has been actively involved in Indigenous rights and reconciliation between 1981 and his death in 1992. Reconciliation has been an important part of Australia’s history as it has impacted many generations of Indigenous Australian’s throughout history. Eddie Mabo has played a significant role in the process of reconciliation betweenRead MoreIndigenous Australian And Torres Strait Islands2115 Words   |  9 PagesMODERN HISTORY Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Island cultures have the oldest living history in the world. They trace back at least 50,000 years and some argue closer to 65,000 years. Events, policies and attitudes of the past have impacted this rich and diverse culture. Through progressive movements and other agencies of social, cultural and political change, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been inspired by hope for change to respond to challenges in ways that promote wellbeingRead More Australian Government Policy Essay3747 Words   |  15 PagesAustralian Government Policy The first English settlement in Australia was established in 1788. Before this the Aborigines lived in the land in harmony. However, after the English arrived, the two different cultures were in close contact and had to determine how to coexist. White Europeans did not respect the Aborigines’ right to the land and it’s resources. With brutal force, they took control of the land and claimed it as their own. Australians then developed their own policies on how to dealRead MoreVirgin Blue Annual Report47891 Words   |  192 PagesJacinta Van Dongen – Captain Ben Van Dongen â€Å"Each day brings a new adventure! Working with a group of fantastic people who are doing some amazing things ensures that every day is different from the last.† lisa Ingram, program administrator – V australia More than five years service the guide. all aBout uS anD More â€Å"I love the Virgin Blue brand and the reputation it has. People always say ‘wow’ when they hear you work at Virgin Blue and I’m proud of that. We are friendly, fun and innovativeRead MoreAnz Bank142091 Words   |  569 Pages2014 ANNUAL REPORT Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 This Annual Report (Report) has been prepared for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (â€Å"the Company†) together with its subsidiaries which are variously described as: †ANZ†, â€Å"Group†, â€Å"ANZ Group†, â€Å"the Bank†, â€Å"us†, â€Å"we† or â€Å"our†. ANZ ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ANZ IS EXECUTING A FOCUSED STRATEGY TO BUILD THE BEST CONNECTED, MOST RESPECTED BANK ACROSS THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION WHO WE ARE AND HOWRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesperiod from the 1870s is included in a long twentieth century (and perhaps even if it is not), migration served as a mode of escape from oppression and poverty and, in many instances, as an avenue toward advancement for an unprecedented number of people that soared well into the hundreds of millions by century’s end. But for a clear majority of these migrants, movement was coerced by flight from war and oppression or was enticed by labor recruiters who preyed on the desperately poor. The prospectsRead MoreThe Unhcr13403 Words   |  54 Pages200,000 people had fled from Libya, mostly migrant workers from Egypt and Tunisia but including many more nationalities. This is the largest international evacuation since the 1st Gulf War (1990) ( The raising of crisis is alarmed as one of the global trends and causes a lot of displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees. Not only the raising crisis, but also the existing wars, ethic cleanings, and civil wars results challenges of protection of people. Who can these people and the

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Accounting Research and Organization Theory †

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Research and Organization Theory. Answer: Introduction Conceptual framework for the general purpose financial reporting by the public sector companies delivers the International public sector accounting standards board with concepts that will strengthen development of IPSASs (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) and the practice guidelines for future years. it deals with the concepts those are applicable to the general purpose financial reporting as per accrual basis of the accounting. It provides the guidelines for dealing with the issues related to financial reporting that are dealt by the IPSASs. Under the circumstance, the preparers and others may consider and refer to the applicability of definition, measurement principles, recognition criteria and various other concepts recognized under the conceptual framework. Flight centre Travel Group is biggest retail outlet for travel in Australia. It was established in the year 1982 and its headquarter is in Brisbane ( 2018). From the financial statement of the company it is found that the general purpose financial report of the company has been prepared in accordance with the AAS (Australian Accounting Standards) and interpretations released by AASB (Australian Accounting Standards Board) and Corporation Act 2001. The company is a for-profit company for preparing financial statements (Noon, Blyton and Morrell 2013). Further, the consolidated financial statement of entity is complied with the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) released by IASB (International Accounting Standard Board). Main objectives of the financial reporting by the public companies are to deliver useful information regarding the company to the users of GPFRs for the purpose of accountability and making decisions (Bebbington and Larrinaga 2014). As per the requirement of conceptual framework the financial statement shall be presented in such a manner that the amount for each item can be analysed on timely manner. it is observed from the financial statement of the company that the statements are prepared for the period of 1 year and which is closing on 30th June 2017 (Francis, Hasan and Wu 2013). Further, the amount for all the items are separately mentioned in the financial reports and the associated notes disclosed with the statements. As per the requirement of conceptual framework the information presented in financial report must be presented in such manner that will be useful to the users. It is observed that the company presented all the necessary information through the financial statements, graphs, tables and ratio presentation. The users can use this information for analysing the performance of the company for the purpose of decision making (Griffith, Hammersley and Kadous 2015). Therefore, the information is provided in useful manner and can be used by the users for making decisions. Resource of the organization The conceptual framework requires that the financial statement shall clearly provide the information regarding the resources available to the company and the sources through which the resources are obtained (Li 2013). It has been observed from the financial report of the company that all the resources and their sources are properly mentioned in the financial report of the company. Therefore, the financial statement of Flight Centre Travel Group Limited is complying with all the requirements as per conceptual framework regarding the general purpose reporting standard. Recognition of the item is key driver for determining whether information is stated on face of financial statement or is disclosed through notes or anywhere in the GPFRs. Further, the notes for the financial statements disclose the information that supports the achievements of financial reporting objectives (Frias?Aceituno, Rodriguez?Ariza and Garcia?Sanchez 2013). Any item is identified in the financial statement if the cost or value of the item can be measured reliably and it is probable that upcoming economic benefit from the item will be inflow for the company. When it is apparent that the upcoming economic benefits associated with asset will be inflow to the company then the asset is recognized in the companys balance sheet. From the balance sheet of the company for the year ended 30th June 2017 it is observed that the assets are divided as current and non-current assets (Miller and Power 2013.). The assets of the company like building, plant and equipment are transacted at historical cost less depreciation provided on straight line method. Further, the assets carrying amount is immediately impaired to the recoverable amount if the carrying value is more than the expected recoverable amount. Liabilities recognition When it is probable that the company will require the outflow of economic resources to settle down the underlying obligation then the liabilities are recognized in balance sheet. Further, to recognize the liability the amount for the item shall be reliably measured. The company divides their liabilities as current and non-current based on their time period for payment. The company presented the trade and other payables as current asset. These payables are recognized at fair values initially and thereafter are measured at the amortised cost using the method of effective interest. Provisions for the make good obligations and legal claims are recognized when the company has present constructive or legal obligation that will required outflow of economic resources. Further, the borrowings are recognized at the fair value initially after deducting the transaction cost and are measured at the amortised cost subsequently. The equity of the company includes the contributed equity and treasury shares. Movements in the contributed equity are related to the shares that are issues under ESP. Further, the the company presented the details regarding the opening balances, closing balances and purchase details of the shares through the disclosure notes. When increase in the upcoming economic benefits related with the item taken place in the financial year for which the amount can be measured reliable, the item is recognized as revenue in the income statement of company. It is observed that Flight centre Travel Group Limited recognizes the revenues when amount of revenue can be reliably measured and particular requirement met for each activity. The company recognizes its expenses if the company has to spend the economic resources for obtaining economic benefits and that are associated with the reduction in assets or increase in the liability and can be reliably measured. It is observed that the company segregated its expenses under various heads like finance costs, other expenses. Further, the heads are subdivided under various other heads. Therefore, the company is complying with all the requirements of conceptual framework for recognising the items under the financial statement of the company. Qualitative characteristics Qualitative characteristics of the useful financial reporting recognizes the information types, that are expected as most crucial to the users for making decisions regarding the reporting company based on the financial statement information The financial information shall be presented in such a way that the information shall be relevant to the users for making useful decisions. It is observed that the financial information of the company reported in such a way that it is relevant to the users for the purpose of decision making. The items are properly segregated under appropriate head with their respective amounts. Information presented in the financial statement will be regarded as material if the omission or misstatement can have an impact on the decision of the users. It is observed that the company has included all the material information in the disclosure notes associated with the financial report of the company. Further, as per the report of the auditors there were no material misstatement found in the financial report of the company. As per the qualitative characteristics of the conceptual framework the report shall allow the users to compare the financial performances of the company with the previous years as well as with the industry peers (Deegan 2013). It is observed that the company presents the information for previous year also along with the current year. Further, the key information is presented for last 5 years. Moreover the data are presented through graphs, table and ratio to enable the users to compare the performances. Finance related information shall be presented with the time to which it relates so that the users can evaluate the performances for the particular period of time. It is observed that the company issue their reports annually as well as for half-year period. Further, the annual report is presented for the period ended 30th June 2017 (Cheng et al. 2014). The requirement of conceptual framework is that the items presented under the financial statements shall verifiable with the supporting notes. It can be observed that the companys financial information are segregated under appropriate heads and can be verified with the disclosed notes (Chen et al. 2013). Conclusion From the above analysis it can be concluded that Flight Centre Travel Group Limited is complying with all the requirements stated under the conceptual framework for GPRSs. The company presented its financial information in such a way that it can be used by the users effectively for decision making purpose. Further all the items like expenses, revenues, assets, equities and liabilities have been recognized as per the requirement of recognition criteria mentioned in conceptual framework. Moreover, all the fundamental qualitative characteristics requirements are fulfilled by the company while prepared the financial statement. References Bebbington, J. and Larrinaga, C., 2014. Accounting and sustainable development: An exploration.Accounting, Organizations and Society,39(6), pp.395-413. Chen, L.H., Folsom, D.M., Paek, W. and Sami, H., 2013. Accounting conservatism, earnings persistence, and pricing multiples on earnings.Accounting Horizons,28(2), pp.233-260. Cheng, M., Green, W., Conradie, P., Konishi, N. and Romi, A., 2014. The international integrated reporting framework: key issues and future research opportunities.Journal of International Financial Management Accounting,25(1), pp.90-119. Deegan, C., 2013.Financial accounting theory. McGraw-Hill Education Australia., 2018. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Apr. 2018]. Francis, B., Hasan, I. and Wu, Q., 2013. The benefits of conservative accounting to shareholders: Evidence from the financial crisis.Accounting Horizons,27(2), pp.319-346. Frias?Aceituno, J.V., Rodriguez?Ariza, L. and Garcia?Sanchez, I.M., 2013. The role of the board in the dissemination of integrated corporate social reporting.Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management,20(4), pp.219-233. Griffith, E.E., Hammersley, J.S. and Kadous, K., 2015. Audits of complex estimates as verification of management numbers: How institutional pressures shape practice.Contemporary Accounting Research,32(3), pp.833-863. Li, J., 2013. Accounting conservatism and debt contracts: Efficient liquidation and covenant renegotiation.Contemporary Accounting Research,30(3), pp.1082-1098. Miller, P. and Power, M., 2013. Accounting, organizing, and economizing: Connecting accounting research and organization theory.Academy of Management Annals,7(1), pp.557-605. Noon, M., Blyton, P. and Morrell, K., 2013.The realities of work: Experiencing work and employment in contemporary society. Palgrave Macmillan.

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The Status of the Scarf Model within UAE Challenges and Benefits

The Status of the Scarf Model within UAE Challenges and Benefits Description of scarf model The SCARF model originates from the study of brain within the domain of social, cognitive and affective neuroscience. Social neuroscience involves the biological foundations of how human beings relate to each other and hence cover diverse areas such as morality, emotions, trust, stereotyping among others.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Status of the Scarf Model within UAE: Challenges and Benefits specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a result, two themes emerge: the motivation driving social behavior is controlled by the principle of maximizing reward and minimizing threat; and several areas of social experience call upon the same brain networks to minimize threat or maximize rewards. As a result, the SCARF model is utilized in summarizing the dualistic themes within an arrangement which borders the universal basic factors that are competent of stimulating a menace or incentive reaction in societal conditions. The SCARF (status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, fairness) model consists of these five areas of human social experience. These domains appear interlinked but their individual input is most significant. Status involves the relative importance and seniority. In relation to others, humans embrace an image of status when conversing. According to Zink et al. (2008), this relative importance affects their mental process in many different ways. The main imperative aspect in this realm is the incentive circuitry that is stimulated when an individual’s intellect condition mounts while the dopamine altitude amplifies. Certainty is about the ability to predict the future. Any change creates uncertainty and generating a sense of certainty is rewarding. Autonomy being the view of plying over an individual’s atmosphere, it proffers a sense of direction above actions conveying in an impression of having substitutes. While an increase in autonomy feels re warding a reduction can create a strong threat response. Relatedness refers to a sense of safety with others or a feeling of friendship. It is the decision about whether others are included or excluded from a social group. Fairness is about fair exchanges among people. As asserted by Lieberman and Tabibnia and (2007), unjust interactions generate a robust threat reaction.Advertising Looking for report on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Background of Higher Colleges of Technology with Al Ain Mens College Al Ain Men’s college is a campus of the larger Higher Colleges of Technology established in 1988. With its humble operations in a temporary campus, the institution has grown into a huge campus with purpose built facilities and attractive gardens. The institution offers a range of courses including engineering technology, business and computer information science. As the name suggests, the college i s for men alone with about 1000 students. In addition to academic activities, the students engage in other extra curriculum activates such as sporting, recreation, socializing and politicking. Therefore, the college has always attempted to create a positive relationship among students, employees and managers. However, there have been reported cases that reflect controversies and mismanagement within the Higher Colleges of Technology. In the fiscal 2005, the selection of Kamali to be the vice chancellor brought distress amongst workforce as regards to employment uncertainty initiating numerous resignations (Rizvi, 2005). Additionally, the structure espoused by this college has been intensely disparaged following the nullification of the merit payment plan consented upon by the management along with cut pay increments (Swan, 2010). In 2010, further case of indifference from the college senior managers towards employees were discovered when newly transferred teachers faced poor working conditions (Swan, 2010). Moreover, the college management nullified payment agreements denying the employees their contractual-agreed increments causing fierce reactions from the staff (Swan, 2011). These and other issues have negatively affected the important social relationships between the institution managers, the staff and the students. Problem statement The social situation in Higher Colleges of Technology reflects the importance of understanding the neurological mechanism that governs the behavior of college stakeholders. The menace reaction is psychologically exhausting and dangerous to the efficiency of workforce of the entire institution. The effect of neural dynamism among the staff is visible in Al Ain Mens College. For example, when an administrator prompts a menace reaction, the wits of the workforce become very inefficient. Nevertheless, if the administrators make the personnel and the college learners feel okay, offer them liberty to make pronouncements, undoubtedly converse their prospects to serve the entire college comparatively and prop up the efforts to fabricate excellent affiliation, it would prompt an incentive reaction.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Status of the Scarf Model within UAE: Challenges and Benefits specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More When the college directors comprehend the responsibility of status as an interior distress, they are competent of avoiding executive observations that generate counterproductive menace reactions amongst workforce members. When they work to create a perception of certainty through employee involvement in planning initiatives or by mapping an organization framework that promote this perception, they will certainly build confidence and dedicated teams. By sustaining self-sufficiency or presenting the shareholders with choices, they inflame a few difficulty reactions than obliging them to take directives. Dynamic alliance is c ontingent on healthy associations which call for compassion and confidence. The compassion and confidence sequentially bank on whether the workforce perceives to be an element of the directors’ societal cluster. Understanding the relatedness phenomenon will make the college leaders be able to find many ways to apply it such as when assigning teams of diverse people. In Al Ain Mens College, the discernment of inequality might produce an atmosphere in which confidence and cooperation does not succeed. Thus, when directors share information in a suitable approach, they can keep workforce and students occupied and encouraged, even when cutting down the number of workforce. Normally, SCARF model will proffer a mode of bringing cognizance responsiveness to latently filled contacts and aid alert the institution heads to personnel central concerns. Literature review Most of the SCARF model literature has concentrated on the five domains and their importance to leaders as well as the organization at large. These domains appear to be interlinked is some ways, but researchers have valued separate understanding. However, the most significant conclusion about SCARF model is that it is an easy way of remembering and acting upon the social triggers that generate the approach and avoid responses. According to Rock (2008), the most significant study on status as the first domain in SCARF model was conducted by Marmot. He ended the case that this realm is the most imperative determinant of individuals’ wellbeing and permanence, even when scheming for earnings and edification. Status involves the relative importance and seniority. In relation to others, humans embrace an image of status when conversing.Advertising Looking for report on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The individuals’ intellect thinks in relation to position via circuits for dealing out statistics. An increase in status can be compared to a financial windfall. A reduction in status stemming from being excluded in an activity trigger the same regions of human brain as physical pain. Status can often go up when employees are given positive comments, especially public acknowledgement. However status is determined by the relative position one has in the community and what is valued in that community. Hawkins and Blakeslee (2004) experimented how the intellect purposes as a pattern-detection appliance that persistently strives to envisage the very close prospect. The intellect is fond of knowing the blueprints occurring after every twinkle and hence desires certainty so as to envisage. Any form of uncertainty may generate an error response and eventually diverting the attention away from the goal towards the error. The literature further suggests that the creation of certainty is rewarding and meeting expectations lead to an increase in dopamine levels. Reducing uncertainty is the role of leaders and can be achieved by letting all those involved to participate in planning and mapping out the organization structure. Certainty can be increased by making implicit concept more clear or stating clear objectives prior to a discussion. Autonomy being the discernment of brandishing over an individual’s atmosphere, it proffers a sense of direction over actions that raise an inkling of having substitutes (Rock, 2008). When the discernment of self-sufficiency is amplified, the sense is gratifying. On the other hand, a reduction is autonomy can create a strong threat response. Such a reduction may b required when working in a team though in a healthy culture the potential threat tends to be neutralized with an increase in the other domain especially certainty, status and relatedness. Rock (2008) has the opinion that an organization provided with significant au tonomy is at an advantage. Concerning relatedness, Rock (2008) supposes this realm as a driver of actions in various sorts of groups, from directorial silos to games team: individuals are logically fond of forming clusters where they acknowledge a sense of togetherness. The conclusion of whether an individual is a pal or an opponent occurs swiftly and distresses brain operations. In case protected societal relations are inexistent, the individual bodies produce a menace reaction. The domain of relatedness is closely associated with trust and people trust those who seem to be in the same group. Rock identifies one way to increase reward response as to find ways to increase connections between people. Tabibnia and Lieberman (2007) showed that fair exchanges are inherently rewarding and are independent of other factors. Inequitable interactions craft a brawny menace reaction and may occasionally embrace creation of the narrow-minded (a segment of the brain liable for passionate sensati on). Such a threat can be reduced by increasing transparency, communication and involvement. In addition, establishing clear expectation can also assist in ensuring the occurrence of fair exchanges. Research methods The research objective is to make out, in terms of appropriate literature, whether SCARF model can bring conscious awareness to all potentially fraught interactions in Higher Colleges of Technology within Al Ain Mens College and recommend on the best practices that can promote social behaviors within the institute. Through the identification and review of the various central themes in previous researches, it is hoped that a picture of the most effective relationship between the college stakeholders will be derived. The review and examination of the theoretical global appropriate literature would offer a picture of the situation of the current affairs pertaining to social interactions and their effects in the running of Al Ain Mens College. Apart from the university libra ry, research engines such as Emerald, Google, published materials by reputed researchers and gurus in this field will be used. There would also be the identification of possible research topics in order to provide clarity in future over a period of longitudinal research to identify new themes and trends. Findings In Al Ain Mens College, triumphant facilitators, instructors and coaches naturally utilize the SCARF model. This follows the fact that students are perceived to learn better in subjects which interests them. In this case, interest materializes as a state approach. Educating or training students who always feel collectively unwanted, detached, treated unjustly or threatened proves to be a mounting task. Educators in Al Ain Mens College have thus created an encouraging learning atmosphere via particularly calling attention to how students improve (Phelps, 2006). This in turn boosts the students’ status senses. As observed from this institution, such a step is especiall y imperative if the students learn something new that might generate threat responses. On the other hand, instructors similarly offer awareness on various autonomies by initiating choices in the classrooms while generating certainty through a clear presentation of outlines on what is to be learnt. The major aspect in this case is that Al Ain Mens College tutors, instructors and educators tend to give more significance to the state approach as a requisite learning state. More efforts are generated towards learning and much attention directed towards the maintenance of the state (Tabibnia Lieberman, 2007). Through administrative and private coaching, it emanates that all the five elements of SCARF have been increased in Al Ain Mens College. However, to increase statuses, the college tutors and students ensure that habitual affirmative feedbacks, the realization of goals and concentration to the incremental perfection are realized. Certainty in this college is increased via the identi fication of the essential goals and consequently minimizing the uncertainty innate in the maintenance of manifold focuses. It is apparent that when large goals are broken down into minute steps, they seem to enlarge certainty with respect to how the goals could be achieved. It was found that trying to find ways of taking actions at times when the ensuing challenges materialize to be insuperable might enlarge autonomy. When the associations with the coaches and tutors are strong, relatedness seem to increase (Rizvi, 2005). Fairness nonetheless was reduced when both students and college leaders viewed states of affairs from the other perceptions. The SCARF model has provided a scientifically healthy framework that Al Ain Mens College uses to build self-awareness as well as responsiveness of students and college leaders among other leaders. Yet, some new Al Ain Mens College leaders accidently impacted negatively the SCARF domains. For example, most of such leaders might have known the direction in which activities ought to be carried out but rather device several directions which yield negligible feedbacks. Hence, this affects the status of all the stakeholders, college leaders and the students’ status. This often occurs when the directors do not offer comprehensible expectations which in turn impacts on certainty (Swan, 2010). The level of autonomy is impacted by the level of micro-management whereas the maintenance of professional distance appears to impact on relatedness. When the parties involved are not all that transparent enough, they might impact on fairness. If the reverse is the case, both college leaders and students are triggered to work even much harder since they become inherently contented with the association itself. Recommendations Based on the study findings, it is clear that the SCARF model identifies the most inventive ways to motivate which might not merely be less expensive, but similarly sustainable and stronger. In fact, in a world where swift changes and mounting interconnectedness is experienced, organizations need to rapidly grow so as to improve the manner in which individuals and groups collectively work. To easily comprehend the real human social behavior drivers, institutions must become extra urgent within such an environment. This forms the basis of organizations that want to thrive in the currently competitive market environment. Therefore, the Al Ain Mens College leaders need to adopt the SCARF model in order to be able to handle the threat responses which could in turn lower performance. Implications SCARF seems to have scores of implications with respect to the manner in which the organization is structured. This incorporates the systems of communications, the flow of information, the reward systems as well as the organization remunerations structures (Lieberman, 2007). Basically, Higher Colleges of Technology within Al Ain Mens College adopted the SCARF model to help individuals and groups in max imizing rewards and minimizing threats in their daily experience. To minimize threats, most students and college leaders seem to have become more conversant with the SCARF domains given that the model has helped them to reassess and mark experiences which could otherwise decrease their performance. In fact, the model assists in managing oneself. For instance, as applicable in brain studies, re-evaluation and classification are considered to be some of the verified cognitive tools and system used to reduce threat reactions (Hawkins Blakeslee, 2004). In Higher Colleges of Technology within Al Ain Mens College, such techniques have proved to be very effectual in condensing the response threat in comparison to the process of attempting to repress the emotions. Recognizing the SCARF elements has further assisted the Al Ain Mens College students and other staffs to comprehend issues like why one cannot clearly believe in situations when another person has assaulted their status rather th an merely attempting to drive away the feelings. Besides, understanding the various elements of SCARF has permitted each student and every college leader to amicably devise ways of effectively motivating themselves. A clear illustration relates to the focusing of attention towards rising the students and college leaders’ autonomy sense during uncertainty occasions (Rock, 2008). For instance, centering on the ecstasy of performing anything they like provided they are unexpectedly out of class or work. The SCARF model aids in giving the reasons why coaching in this college persists to be very effectual as regards to the facilitation of change. It ideally identifies the manner in which each and every college delivery could be improved. Conclusion Whereas all the elements of SCARF tend to replicate the key brain networks, the model plays a decisive role appertaining to the collaboration and influence on others. Within the Al Ain Mens College, comprehending these drivers seem to a ssist the organization, groups and individuals to efficiently function, reduce any conflict which might take place very easily between the public and boost the time span these groups take in the state approach. As regards to this college, the concept is considered to be tantamount to better performance. Thus, comprehending the elements of the SCARF model while unearthing tailored approaches to efficiently utilize such brain insights, may assist this college people in becoming trainers, facilitators, leaders, parents, instructors, administrators and tutors. The findings concerning the profound collective nature of human brain together with the significance of the SCARF model elements, has offered diminutive steps towards to correct direction. References Hawkins, J. Blakeslee, S. (2004). On Intelligence. New York, NY: Times Books. Lieberman, M. D. (2007). Social Cognitive Neuroscience: A Review of Core Processes. Annual Review of Psychology, vol.58, pp.259-289. Phelps, E. A. (2006). Emotion and cognition: Insights from Studies of the Human Amygdala. Annual Review of Psychology, vol. 57, pp.27-53. Rizvi, M. (2005). 25 top officials quit HCT alleging mismanagement. Khaleej Times. Retrieved from: Rock, D. (2008). SCARF: a brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others. Neuro-Leadership Journal, vol.8 (1), pp.1-9. Swan, M. (2010). Pay frozen and job losses loom as UAE universities feel the pinch. The National. Retrieved from: Swan, M. (2010). Teachers resign over college shake-ups. The National. Retrieved from: Swan, M. (2011). HCT puts lecturers’ salary rises on hold. The National. Retrieved from: alary-rises-on-hold. Tabibnia, G., Lieberman, M. D. (2007). Fairness and cooperation are rewarding: evidence from social cognitive neuroscience. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol.1118 (3), pp.90-101. Zink, C. F., Tong, Y., Chen, Q., Bassett, D. S., Stein, J. L., Meyer- Lindenberg A. (2008). Know Your Place: Neural Processing of Social Hierarchy in Humans. Neuron, vol. 58 (5), pp.273-283.

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Border security issues (week 1) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Border security issues (week 1) - Essay Example Such sense of loyalty is the reason that contributes to people’s desire to manipulate the impression they want from others. There are a few advantages that come from exposing a friend or family member of actions that seem morally wrong. For example, if a wife discovers that her husband sexually abuses one of their children, she may find this an extremely difficult choice make, whether to report him to the police or not. Exposing such an offender to the authorities would be the right thing to do for her children because failure to do it could lead to another assault. A friend who exposes his or her friend for bullying others provides a clear step towards eliminating other bullies in schools or societies. Under the law, a parent has the duty to protect the children. The court may view it as a crime when a parent fails to take reasonable steps to protect the children. The advantage of exposing the offender in both cases is that the party reporting is not liable for the crime. Exposing a person on the wrong also provides the person who reported with a sense of control of the situation. The problem with exposing a friend or a family member of their wrong doing is that it is traumatizing for cases where there is a victim involved in an assault. In cases where the report needs to go to a trial, a lot of information comes out and both parties may not want confidential matters becoming a public matter. Exposing a person who has committed a wrong does not necessarily mean that the person gets punished or in other cases sued (Richards & Swanger, 2006). It is frustrating to see that no one may respond to the problem as one